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Arundo-donax is the source of reeds for bassoon and other woodwind instruments. Donax cane, or Giant reed is grown for this purpose on special plantations. Although Arundo donax is native to the Mediterranean region, it is also cultivated in China, Argentinia, the United States and Australia. BASSOONCANE.COM imports and processes the product originating from these plantations under its own management. Thanks to our high-end tools and our expertise, we are able to deliver exactly according to your specifications. We only work with bassooncane plantations where production meets the highest quality standards that we as a bassoonist expect. Besides gouged bassoon cane, profiled bassoon cane and shaped bassoon cane we offer you products like hardness-tested cane, carefully builded reed blanks for bassoon and contrabassoon and wrapping thread. (nylon thread in many colors)
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