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Terms and Conditions

H. Wisse /, Supplies of reeds for bassoon and contrabassoon, materials and raw materials for reed construction and tools.
Below you will find the General Terms and Conditions. These always apply if you use the services of H. Wisse /
Last modified: February 1, 2022

Article 1. Definitions
1.1: General Conditions: The present General Conditions.

1.2: H. Wisse /, located at Kroonkruid 119, 2914 TK Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 24318503, also available at

1.3: Consumer: the Client.

1.4: Products: all products as described in the Agreement.

1.5: Intellectual Property Rights: rights (of intellectual property) including but not limited to copyrights, database rights, domain names, trade name rights, trademark rights, design rights, neighboring rights, patent rights, as well as rights to know-how.

1.6: Quotation: a written offer from H. Wisse /

1.7: Client: the natural or legal person, whether or not acting in the exercise of a profession or business, who has concluded an Agreement with H. Wisse /

1.8: Completion: takes place after approval by the Client, after commissioning by the Client or by notifying the Client, after which there has been no response from the Client within 7 days of notification.

1.9: Agreement: The agreement between the Parties on the basis of which H. Wisse / supplies its Products to the Client, and of which the General Terms and Conditions are an integral part.

1.10: Party(ies): H. Wisse / and Client together or separately.

1.11: Confidential Information: non-public information related to a Party and information which a Party declares to be confidential, or which, due to the nature of the information or under the circumstances under which the disclosure takes place, should be kept confidential treated.

1.12: Employee: The person who is employed by one of the Parties, or who carries out work for the relevant Party on an assignment basis.

1.13: Business Client: the Client who acts in the course of a profession or business.
Article 2. Applicability and interpretation

2.1: The General Terms and Conditions apply to and form part of every (legal) act related to the preparation, conclusion or performance of the Agreement. The General Terms and Conditions also apply to all subsequent Agreements between the Client and H. Wisse /, if the Client has accepted their validity in previous Agreements with H. Wisse /

2.2: The applicability of any purchase or other conditions of the Client is expressly excluded.

2.3: Provisions or conditions set by the Client that deviate from or do not appear in the General Terms and Conditions only apply to the Agreement insofar as the Parties agree in writing.

2.4: In the event that specific product, promotion or service conditions also apply in addition to these General Terms and Conditions, those conditions also apply, but the Consumer can always invoke the applicable provision that is most favorable to him in the event of conflicting conditions. is.

Article 3. Conclusion of the Agreement

A3.1: All Quotations and other offers from H. Wisse / are without obligation and valid for the duration of Others.

3.2: The Agreement is concluded at the moment of acceptance by the Client of the Offer from H. Wisse / and the fulfillment of the conditions set by H. Wisse / If the Consumer has accepted the offer electronically, H. Wisse / will immediately confirm receipt of the acceptance of the offer electronically. As long as the receipt of this acceptance has not been confirmed, the Consumer has the option to dissolve the Agreement. An offer is in any case deemed to have been accepted if the Agreement is executed without contradiction. The offer can be accepted verbally or in writing.

Article 4. Performance of the Agreement

4.1: H. Wisse / will commence implementation after the Agreement has been concluded, on the date or time as agreed in the Agreement. If no date of fulfillment has been agreed, H. Wisse / will immediately start with the execution of the Agreement.

4.2: If delivery cannot be made within the agreed term, H. Wisse / will inform the Client. Business customer is deemed to agree to a new delivery date. The consumer is given the option to dissolve the Agreement free of charge.

4.3: The Client acknowledges that it has no instructional authority with regard to the Products to be delivered by H. Wisse / for the performance of the Agreement.
4.4: The Client is obliged to do all that is reasonably necessary and desirable to enable a timely and correct execution of the assignment. In particular, the Client shall ensure that all information, which H. Wisse / indicates is necessary or which the Client should reasonably understand to be necessary for the execution of the assignment, is provided to H. Wisse / in a timely manner.

4.5: If and insofar as required for proper performance of the Agreement, H. Wisse / has the right to engage third parties for the performance of the Agreement. The General Terms and Conditions also apply to the work performed by third parties in the context of the Agreement. These third parties are not authorized to represent.

4.6: H. Wisse / is not obliged to have work performed by third parties designated by the Client. The Client is liable for goods for the performance of the Agreement that have been prescribed by or on behalf of the Client, or which are or would be delivered by a supplier designated by the Client, as well as for the non-delivery or late delivery thereof.

Article 5. Duration and end of the Agreement

5.1: The duration of the Agreement is laid down in the Agreement. If no duration is included, the Agreement will be entered into for the duration necessary for the delivery of the Products.

5.2: The Consumer can terminate the Agreement at any time with a notice period of one month. If there is a term of a maximum of one year, this option only exists after the end of the term of the Agreement.

5.3: Business Customer cannot terminate the Agreement prematurely.

5.4: In the event of cancellation, the Client will have to pay the full amount, less the savings resulting for H. Wisse / from the cancellation. H. Wisse / will then deliver the completed work. If the price is made dependent on the actual costs to be incurred by H. Wisse /, the price owed by the Client will be calculated on the basis of the costs incurred, the work performed and the profit that H. Wisse / would have made over the entire work. The amounts remain due after termination of the Agreement and are immediately due and payable from the day of termination.

5.5: H. Wisse / may suspend or terminate the Agreement at any time if:
*Client has been declared bankrupt;
*Client has been granted a suspension of payments;
*The business of the Business Customer is dissolved or liquidated.

5.6: Obligations which by their nature are intended to continue after the end of the Agreement, remain in full force and effect after the end of the Agreement and apply to the Client and its legal successors.

Article 6. Price and payment
6.1: The Client pays H. Wisse / the amount as stated in the Agreement. All prices stated by H. Wisse / are in euros. In some cases a deposit is required. The amount to be paid is included in the Agreement.

6.2: All prices stated by H. Wisse / include turnover tax (VAT) and other levies imposed by the government, unless stated otherwise.

6.3: A payment term of 30 days applies to each invoice.

6.4: If a price is based on information provided by the Client and this information turns out to be incorrect, H. Wisse / has the right to adjust the price accordingly, even after the Agreement has already been concluded. After this adjustment, the consumer has the right to cancel the Agreement.

6.5: If the Client does not fulfill its payment obligation(s) on time, H. Wisse / will draw its attention to the late payment. After notification of late payment, H. Wisse / grants the Client a period of 14 days to still meet its payment obligations.

6.6: In the event of late payment, the Client is, in addition to the amount owed and the statutory interest due, obliged to pay full compensation for both extrajudicial and judicial collection costs, including the costs for lawyers, lawyers, bailiffs and collection agencies.

6.7: H. Wisse / can inform itself within legal frameworks whether the Client can meet its payment obligations, but also of all facts and factors that are important for a responsible conclusion of the Agreement. If H. Wisse /, on the basis of this investigation, has good reasons not to enter into the Agreement, it is entitled to refuse an order or request with reasons, or to attach special conditions to the execution, such as advance payment.

Article 7. Retention of title

7.1: If and insofar as the Agreement provides for any transfer of ownership or the transfer of Intellectual Property Rights from H. Wisse / to the Client, all delivered goods remain the property of H. Wisse / as long as H. Wisse / has not received full payment of the entire agreed amount.

Article 8. Obligations of the Client

8.1: The Client ensures that all (technical) information, decisions and data that it believes are necessary for the execution of the Agreement are provided to H. Wisse / in a timely manner. The Client is responsible for the correctness and completeness thereof. This includes, but is not limited to, compliance with permit applications and other legal requirements.

Article 9. Additional work

9.1: All changes in the execution of the Agreement, either at the request of the Client or as a result of the fact that a different execution is necessary due to whatever circumstances, are regarded as additional work if additional costs are involved. These General Terms and Conditions apply to the additional work.

9.2: If additional work is performed at the request or with the consent of the Client, the additional work will be reimbursed by the Client. H. Wisse / may refuse to comply with such a request or enter into negotiations.

9.3: The Client accepts that additional work may cause delays in the Delivery of Products, even if a Time of Delivery has been agreed. The Client is not entitled to compensation for this delay.

9.4: If (the demand for) additional work arises during the execution of the Agreement, this does not create grounds for termination or dissolution of the Agreement for the Client.

9.5: Cost-increasing circumstances that are not attributable to H. Wisse / will be settled as additional work. H. Wisse / will inform the Client about this as soon as possible. In that case, the consumer has the option of canceling the Agreement.

Article 10. Delivery and delivery time

10.1: Delivery times stated by H. Wisse / are indicative and do not apply as strict deadlines, unless the Parties have agreed this in writing.

10.2: H. Wisse / reserves the right, if possible, to have the necessary goods and equipment delivered to the Client. The ready equipment and goods can be stored at the expense and risk of the Client.

10.3: H. Wisse / remains the owner of all Products until the Client has fulfilled all its payment obligations towards H. Wisse /, including the amounts owed due to a shortcoming.

Article 11. Warranty

11.1: H. Wisse / guarantees that the Services delivered and (resulting) Products or results comply with the Agreement, the specifications stated in the offer, the reasonable requirements of reliability and/or usability and the existing legal provisions and/or government regulations of the conclusion of the Agreement.

11.2: The Client can claim this guarantee if the defect is noticed within 3 months after Delivery and the complaint has been reported immediately after discovery of the defect and the complaint is considered to be well-founded by H. Wisse / H. Wisse / will provide a suitable solution in the form of repair or compensation of a maximum of the amount paid by the Client for the relevant part of the Agreement.

11.3: A guarantee provided by H. Wisse /, manufacturer or importer does not affect the statutory rights and claims that the Client has under the Agreement.

11.4: The warranty lapses if it appears that the Client has not followed the advice of H. Wisse /, or has not complied with the instructions for use.

Article 12. Intellectual Property Rights

12.1: The Intellectual Property Rights, including all images, drawings, (technical) descriptions and advice that H. Wisse / provides to the Client, are vested in H. Wisse /

12.2: The Client will not perform any acts that may infringe the Intellectual Property Rights of H. Wisse / and/or its licensors, including but not limited to publishing and/or multiplying the information in whole or in part without permission. referred to in the previous paragraph. The Client acknowledges and accepts that any unauthorized use or act infringes the Agreement and applicable law.

Article 13. Confidentiality

13.1: The parties will treat information that they provide to each other before, during or after the execution of the Agreement confidentially if this information can reasonably be regarded as confidential, or if this information has been explicitly designated as confidential by one of the Parties. The parties also impose this obligation on their Employees as well as on third parties engaged by them for the implementation of the Agreement.

13.2: The obligation of confidentiality also remains after termination of the Agreement for whatever reason, for as long as the providing party can reasonably claim the confidential nature of the information.

Article 14. Liability

14.1: The liability limitations from this Agreement apply unless and insofar as the damage is the result of intent or willful recklessness on the part of H. Wisse /

14.2: H. Wisse / will make every effort to perform the Agreement as carefully and safely as possible. H. Wisse / cannot influence the ultimate use of the delivered goods. The Client is therefore responsible for the use of the result of the Agreement.

14.3: Completion of the Agreement releases H. Wisse / from all liability for defects that the Client had already discovered or should reasonably have discovered at the time of Completion.

14.4: The total liability of H. Wisse / for direct damage suffered by the Client as a result of an attributable shortcoming in the fulfillment of this Agreement, or due to an unlawful act by H. Wisse /, its Employees or third parties engaged by it, is limited per event or a series of related events to an amount that is equal to the price stipulated in the Agreement (including VAT), with a maximum of € 0.00.

14.5: Direct damage is exclusively understood to mean: the reasonable costs to determine the cause and extent of the damage, any reasonable costs incurred to have the defective performance of H. Wisse / comply with the Agreement and reasonable costs incurred to prevent or limit damage, insofar as the Client demonstrates that these costs have led to limitation of direct damage.

14.6: Liability of H. Wisse / towards the Client for indirect damage or consequential damage or damage due to loss of turnover or profit, damage due to delay, damage due to loss of data, damage due to exceeding terms as a result of changed circumstances, damage as a result of provision of defective cooperation, information or materials by the Client and damage due to information or advice given by H. Wisse /, the content of which is not expressly excluded from the Agreement.

14.7: A condition for the existence of any right to compensation is always that the Client reports the damage in writing to H. Wisse / within a reasonable term, but in any case within two (2) months after it arises.

14.8: The liability of H. Wisse / with regard to attributable shortcoming in the fulfillment of the Agreement only arises if the Client gives H. Wisse / immediate and proper notice of default in writing, stating a reasonable term for the shortcoming, and H. Wisse / continues to fail imputably in the fulfillment of its obligations even after that term. The notice of default must contain as detailed a description as possible of the shortcoming, so that H. Wisse / is able to respond adequately.

14.9: The Client indemnifies H. Wisse / against all claims from third parties (including customers of the Client) with regard to compensation for damage, costs or interest, in connection with this Agreement and/or the Service.

14.10: H. Wisse / cannot be held to fulfill any obligation under the Agreement if H. Wisse / is prevented from fulfilling it as a result of force majeure. H. Wisse / is not liable for any damage resulting from force majeure.

14.11: Force majeure also includes, but is not limited to: disruptions to public infrastructure, defects in items, equipment or software or other source material the use of which the Client has prescribed, unavailability of Employees, government measures, general transport problems, strikes, wars, terrorist attacks and internal disturbances.

14.12: If a force majeure situation lasts longer than 90 days, the Parties have the right to dissolve the Agreement in writing. In that case, what has already been performed on the basis of the Agreement will be settled proportionately, without the parties remaining owing each other for the rest.

Article 15. Changes to General Terms and Conditions

15.1: H. Wisse / reserves the right to change or supplement these General Terms and Conditions. Changes also apply to Agreements already concluded with due observance of a term of 30 days after announcement of the change.

15.2: Changes will be announced via, by e-mail to the Client, or another channel from which H. Wisse / can prove that the announcement has been sent to the Client. Non-substantive changes of minor importance can be made at any time and do not require notification.

15.3: If a Consumer does not wish to accept a change, the Consumer must notify H. Wisse / of this within 30 days of notification. H. Wisse / can then reconsider the change. If H. Wisse / does not withdraw the change, the Consumer may terminate the Agreement until the date on which the new terms and conditions take effect.

Article 16. Final provisions

16.1: The Agreement is governed by Dutch law.

16.2: Insofar as not dictated otherwise by mandatory law, all disputes that may arise as a result of the Agreement will be submitted to the competent Dutch court in the district where H. Wisse / is located.

16.3: "In writing" in these General Terms and Conditions also includes communication by e-mail, provided that the identity of the sender and the integrity of the e-mail are sufficiently established.

16.4: If a provision in the Agreement or General Terms and Conditions turns out to be invalid, this does not affect the validity of the entire Agreement or General Terms and Conditions. In that case, the parties will determine (a) new provision(s) as a replacement, which will give shape to the intention of the original provision as much as legally possible.

16.5: H. Wisse / entitled to transfer its rights and obligations arising from the Agreement to a third party that takes over H. Wisse / or the business activities of H. Wisse / .

Name: H. Wisse /
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