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Every Bassoon-Player knows: besides a little talent, a good instrument and some time to practise, a high quality bassoon reed is an essential tool for playing the bassoon well. Many bassoonists think that making their own reeds is hocus pocus or too labor intensive, therefore, they often do not use reeds that meet high quality standards. A bassoonist's state of mind is often based on whether he or she has a good reed. Everyone knows the feeling of panic that occurs when there are not enough reeds or if the right reed cannot be found for an upcoming performance. On the other hand, practising seems unnecessary if the perfect reed is on hand.
It is a subtropical grass that affects a bassoonist's state of mind more than paddo mushrooms,  poppy, coffee or a tobacco plant. Arundo donax is the subtropical plant found in areas of the Mediterranean. It has been the primary product used to make reeds for musical instruments for centuries. It is not only used in Southern France, but also on plantations created specifically for that purpose in other parts of the world. Bassoon is always searching for plantations where production must meet the highest quality standards that we as bassoonists expect.
The result is a selection of a number of well-known, but also less well-known Arundo donax growers. imports and processes the product originating from these plantations under its own management. After the first selection, special machines prepare the raw material.  Only the best reed blanks are then used to create reeds for Bassoon, Contra-Bassoon and the Classical Bassoon. You can order both unfinished and ready- to- play reeds on this site. You can choose from the different plantations and the most common shaper tips.
Hans Wisse is the founder and owner of He has been a reed-maker for 40 years and plays the bassoon and contra bassoon in the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra.
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